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Another Day Another Feeling of Emptiness
Today a Tuesday like many others since my life seemed to turn upside down. I often wonder how I became so comfortable with the instability of my life with Sunny. It all seemed worth it in the face of being with her. My flashes of her in my mind are still pretty constant., I feel at times as if i am a constant dam of emotions and i am constantly trying to keep my head above water constantly trying to prevent myself from slipping into sadness.

I am lonely, so empty inside most days, I hate this feeling it seems so constant. My life seems to be a big cycle of mundane and meaningless time wasting exercises..I know there god has to have a plan for me I have to cling to it...

I wish one day  ...rather i have to believe that god will rid me of this pain..and get me out of this relationship with Angela...I still feel so stuck..and i feel terrible that she is as well just completely stuck....

God help me get past this ....Please bless me with this New MOS and a new life where i can be fulfilled and happy finally .


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